Apple TV Causing Soundbar to Constantly Decrease in Volume

October 17, 2023

Last night, we sat down to watch TV and the oddest thing was happening: the volume on our soundbar kept decreasing. It was as if someone was pressing Volume Down constantly. We normally just utilize the Apple TV remote so we checked to make sure the actual soundbar remote wasn't being pressed by anything - it wasn't. Well, via HDMI CEC, maybe the TV remote is being pressed - checked that too and nothing!

We proceeded to factory reset the soundbar - no dice. Thinking back, we tried to recall any new devices in our house that may be causing interference but couldn't think of any. An update for the TV was available so we decided to give that a shot also. The TV then booted into safe mode - the plot thickens!

I begin thinking that it's a bug with either the Apple TV or the TV itself. I opened up Twitter/X and came across this tweet:

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