Speed up SMB/CIFS on TrueNAS SCALE With Mac Clients

November 13, 2023

Slow performance over SMB/CIFS with macOS/Mac OS X clients? Lots of folks will chalk it up to SMB being a terrible protocol. But, there's actually a solution to this issue. Here's how to implement this change!

  • macOS Sonoma 14.1

Use Cases

  • Share for files
  • Share for Time Machine backups


  1. Login to TrueNAS' web interface.
  2. Browse to System Settings > Services.
  3. On the row with SMB listed, click the edit (pencil) button.
  4. Click Advanced Settings.
  5. At the very bottom, find the Auxiliary Parameters section.
  6. Add the following line to that section: strict sync = no
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click the toggle to stop SMB and then click the toggle again to start it.
  9. You may now connect your clients to the share. Performance should be much better!

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