F5 BIG-IP SOL#10636 (Disk Full)

October 27, 2022

When trying to upgrade our F5 BIG-IP today, I ran into SOL#10636 which equates to "out of space."  While the official docs told me how to delete the failed install, it did not tell me how to create a new volume where I could retry the install.  Here's what to do if you hit this error!

  1. SSH into your BIG-IP instance.
  2. Enter the tmsh shell:
  3. View the existing volumes:
    show /sys software
  4. Delete the failed installation volume:
    delete /sys software volume HD1.3
  5. Verify our work:
    show /sys software
  6. Try the install again and create a new volume for it:
    install sys software image BIGIP- create-volume volume HD1.3
  7. You can now verify the install is active two ways:
    • GUI: Login and browse to System > Software Management > Image List.
    • Shell: show /sys software

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